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 We are not the only resource out there when it comes to helping our Heroes and their loved ones, nor do we feel in competition with any of them. So with that being said, we want to share some organizations that share our philosophy and vision to make a difference.

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Code 9 Project's mission is to serve as the bridge between First Responders and the community by raising awareness of the negative impact of compressive stress disorders on our First Responders and the ripple effect they have on our communities, as well as actively engaging the community in making these tools available to their local First Responders.

They come together to help support and save the lives of those weary from saving other's lives. They come together to unite, support and connect our First Responders, Families, Organizations and Communities for each other's wellbeing.


U.S. First Responders Association is a 501c3 non-profit, professional and social network of firefighters, EMS, rescue, police officers, military and civilian support teams.

The purpose of the United States First Responders Association shall be to advance the profession of fire, emergency, police and military services through proactive community leadership, education, advocacy, policy, procedure, and guidelines that would best help our emergency services provide aid to the citizens of the United States and worldwide.


IAM23 is a Veteran based initiative to ensure that individuals with PTSD have an outlet of support amongst their fellow veterans, and a unique place to share their stories of success and how they are successfully overcoming PTSD. IAM23 will partner with corporate and communities organizations to assist fellow Veterans in need, and to assist in finding solutions to this issue. With this support, IAM23 will provide a place for Veteran’s who are winning the battle on PTSD to share their success, and to help those in need from becoming yet another statistic.

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The mission of the First Responder Support Network (FRSN) is to provide educational treatment programs to promote

recovery from stress and critical incidents experienced by first responders and their families.


Our goal is to provide first responders and their families tools to reduce personal and family stress, encourage appropriate career decisions and reduce the effects of traumatic incident stress on an individual's life. The key components of FRSN are the 6-day residential treatment for first responders, also known as the West Coast Post-trauma Retreat (WCPR), and the 6-day program for significant others & spouses (SOS).


FRSN is a collaboration of first responder peers (included but not limited to police, fire, corrections, dispatch, and emergency medical services), SOS peers, culturally competent mental health clinicians, and chaplains; all of these individuals volunteer their time. We encourage you to contact us if you or someone you know is in need of assistance.

The REBOOT Alliance exists to help veterans, first responders and their families heal from the moral and spiritual wounds associated with line of duty stress and trauma.

We do this through our groundbreaking trauma healing courses – REBOOT Combat Recovery and Firstline, which provide a unique blend of clinical insight with Christian faith-based support. Our courses are private and peer-led, inclusive of the entire family, and offered at no cost to participants.

The REBOOT Alliance is headquartered near Fort Campbell, KY, where it was founded in 2011 by occupational therapist Dr. Jenny Owens and her husband, Evan. What began as a small group meeting in the Owens’ home has expanded to hundreds of courses and thousands of graduates across the U.S. and around the world.

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QPR's mission is to save lives and reduce suicidal behaviors by providing innovative, practical and proven suicide prevention training. We believe that quality education empowers all people, regardless of their background, to make a positive difference in the life of someone they know.

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