What to expect

Are you a foster carer? Here’s what you can expect from Freedom Fields 2016 

Freedom Fields welcomes looked-after or adopted children and their families on an escape into the great outdoors! Come and join us at our new site on Magdalen Farm in Somerset where you will have the opportunity to meet other families and share new experiences. You can look forward to camping under the stars, exploring the countryside, toasting marshmallows on an open fire and helping care for the farm animals. By exploring the outdoors and living in community we hope to promote positive relationships, whilst developing confidence and communication skills. We learn these skills within our family groups so that experiences are shared and remembered together after the weekends are over.
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Both carers and children will be well looked after at Freedom Fields. There will be time for activities, time to relax and time to reflect. Carers will have the opportunity to take time for themselves to ensure they go home feeling invigorated and rested. Everyone in the family is welcome – please bring whoever you feel would benefit.
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Our site is carefully chosen – for Freedom Fields 2016 we will be staying on the beautiful grounds of Magdalen Farm, Chard, Somerset. In August we will be camping – but don’t worry! We will make sure that everyone has all the equipment they need to be warm, cosy and comfortable. In October we still be spending lots of time outdoors but we also have exclusive access to the warm farmhouse buildings and everyone will have their own private family bedroom.
The weekends are fully catered so that you can relax, recuperate and enjoy the surroundings. Dietary requirements will be planned and catered for.


Our Aims

To promote positive and lasting change for looked after children and support for those caring for them. We aim to:

• Build relationships

• Improve children’s health, wellbeing and resilience

• Enhance communication skills

• Improve placement stability

• Improve levels of confidence in carers

• Offer networking opportunities for carers

• Increase awareness of the opportunities and benefits of spending time outdoors and knowledge of where to go.