‘I just love it here, I just love running through meadows’ (L – age 8)

‘She’s been in therapy for two years and yet this weekend seems to have had more impact on her’ (foster carer)

‘It is absolutely amazing that with no TV, fun park, computer, bikes, skateboards, scooters etc etc the children didn’t once get bored and our two has told us they had the best time ever’ (foster carer)

‘Thank you for yet another perfectly wonderful weekend at Freedom Fields! We had a great time. The rain on the first night actually made it better and more exciting, hearing the river raging by. We enjoyed it all, the singing around the campfire, the lovely walk and especially the little rest the carers had. Thanks for your hospitality, the lovely food and especially all the hard work and planning you all put in to ensure we all had a fabulous couple of weekends. We do like being outdoors but I think the weekends have encouraged us to do things more simply – maybe get some camping equipment and have a go ourselves!’ (foster carer)

“It’s fun camping” (H – age 8)

“Beautiful place, lovely and tranquil.” (foster carer)

“I enjoyed making new friends and would like to meet them later in the summer.” (L – age 10)

“We had such a lovely time. Our children really enjoyed it. It was lovely to just chill and enjoy each other’s company – that goes for the children and adults alike. Can’t wait for next time!” (foster carer)

“The first weekend built our confidence in doing outdoor things, so we bought a tent and equipment.” (foster carer)

“It’s like he [foster child] has seen open field, open mind.” (foster carer)

“He [foster child] is usually in survival model but here he was more relaxed.” (foster carer)

“The weekend’s been a godsend – I’m going back refreshed.” (foster carer)

“It’s my first year of fostering and getting here on my own, without my partner’s support, has shown me I can still grow and develop.” (foster carer)

“It’s bonded us as a family.” (foster carer)

“It’s been great to come here and spend time as a family and not worry about the day to day. I’d like to spend the whole six weeks summer here.” (Karen – carer)
“We can’t usually go away on holiday but this is different – its safe and contained.” (Joe – carer)

“It’s great to be in such a non-judgmental space.” (Liz – carer)

“I didn’t think that J (young person) would be able to manage; but she exceeded everyone’s expectations – she told me all about it when I visited” (June – social worker)